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Major Leaguer by MiyabiDreams Major Leaguer by MiyabiDreams
Lydia Pointer, daughter of Jayne Pointer the RED Soldier, 19 years old. Values of a Soldier with the energy of a Scout andthe temper of a Demoman.

In short, beware.

Lydia's mine

Thanks to a very helpful critique, I made a couple necessary edits. I had decided that her feet were supposed to be a little bigger than the average Scout's, but not as big as I'd had them. Jaysus them big Wile E. Coyote feet!

Editing the thigh was a little meh given I had to fix the sock around it but it wasn't too much hassle at least.

As far as her chest is concerned, she was not raised with being "ladylike" as a priority so either she's not wearing a bra, or it's just poorly adjusted in the straps. :shrug: It's all about character development, yo.

But anyway, thank you so much ~YeahThanksDoc for the critique and hopefully everything looks a little more squared-away now. ^^
Critique by YeahThanksDoc Dec 3, 2012, 12:37:41 AM
The only thing I would fix is her feet. If you look at the size of her feet compared to the rest of her, you'd see each foot is about 5x bigger than normal. Her right foot in particular is the same length as her entire bottom leg! Plus each one looks like it is encased in cement. Make them smaller and shorter and you're golden.

You did a good job with muscle tone, color, and lighting. I would fix her boobs a little. It looks like she's not wearing a bra but you could say it's the whole "tom boy" thing.

As for her left thigh, I would widen it a little bit. Based on the angle she is standing at, her thighs should appear to touch at the top. Try to visualize if you could rotate her and have her face front; her left leg would be significantly smaller than the right going off of the size of them at this 3/4 angle.

Good job otherwise. :)
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Disdainful-Loni Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
It still boggles my mind how things like this start out with a basic sketch and then build layer upon layer into a gorgeous cake. Just when I think you're done with it, you keep adding and just makes it better all the while. UNF, I say.

Again, I would not piss this kid off on a good day. She's a tall drink'a water and I bet she's got the attitude and the ability to make someone's life hell.
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December 2, 2012
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